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2010 semiconductor lighting is expected to enter ordinary families
Time:2012-08-23 16-14-13
A family life may only need a light bulb, to 2010, energy-saving, environmental protection and long life, good security semiconductor lighting is expected to enter the field of general lighting, human lighting is undergoing a "green revolution".

Here at the "2007 China's semiconductor lighting industry investment Forum", the experts believe that the face of a global energy crisis and environmental pressures, semiconductor lighting has been recognized as the world believe that an important way of an energy saving and environmental protection, is expected in 2010 will be more than fluorescent lamps , is expected to enter the general lighting accounted for 15% to 20% of global electricity consumption, energy-saving effect will be more significant.

Fan Yu bowl, President of the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance, said the same brightness as the third-generation light source, semiconductor lighting power consumption is only 1/10 of the incandescent lamp, and extend the life of a 100-fold, and will not pollution generated in the production and use of the outside world.

It is estimated that China's lighting electricity accounts for about 12% of the total electricity consumption of China's total generating capacity will reach 3 trillion kwh in 2010, then the semiconductor lighting into the 1/3 of the lighting market, you can save 30%, that is saving 100 billion kwh, equivalent to at least a generating capacity of the Three Gorges Project.

The experts say that, today, the situation is becoming increasingly serious energy saving semiconductor lighting industry in China is facing rare opportunities for development. China is the world's largest lighting appliances producer and second largest exporter of lighting appliances, and semiconductor lighting has been initially formed from wafer production, chip preparation, the device package to a relatively complete industrial chain of integrated applications, especially the package has been occupy a large share in the international market.

China had already launched the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project", established in the cities of Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen and Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industrialization Base.

Fan Yu bowl nurture independent intellectual property rights is a priority in the field of high-end semiconductor lighting technology. From industrial and organizational governance perspective, China's semiconductor industry is currently facing R & D dispersion, the overall technical strength is not strong, low-level redundant construction, small-scale enterprises, and not enough on the middle and lower reaches of supporting industries and joint research should be fully integrated use of existing resources, strengthen independent innovation and enhance the international competitiveness of China's semiconductor lighting industry.

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